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  • Project:
    Roof Replacement
  • Client:
    Schmidt Family
  • Year
    July 2019
  • Quotation Value

Cedar to Asphalt Conversion

In 2019, we were approached by the Schmidt family around March of that year because of the positive reviews and personal referral they received from a previous client of ours. We were commissioned to replace the roof of their residential home which had, over many years suffered significant damage from intense wind storms and inclement weather. After an extensive roof and attic inspection, it was discovered that multiple sources of water leaks and ventilation issues had lead to trapped warm air resulting in wood rot, mildew and mold. This was due to the roof’s age and high impact weather in the area. This advanced deterioration indicating the end of it's life expectancy, ultimately limiting its effectiveness to protect the home.

The main culprit of the roofing systems failure was a result of the limited ability to allow airflow throughout the attic. As the home was built in the early 90’s, roofing systems at the time adhered to different building codes and standard which resulted in the “Leaky condo” era. Examples suffocating airflow on this project were:

• Building materials such as stucco
• Insulation is set directly on the strappping

The process began with tarping the roof to mitigate any additional moisture from entering the home. With the age of the roof and extensive damage, a roof replacement was the only sound course of action. Steps we took to replace the roof were:

• Remove shingles
• Remove plywood
• Remove strapping
• Installation of baffles
• Installation of Air intake vents
• Installation of ridge exhaust vents
• Installation of skylights
• Application of new roofing system

Upon completion of the project, a complete worksite cleanup is done leaving the property cleaner than we found it. The project had many challenges, but due to the severity of the roof’s degradation, but we were familiar with the issues as they are far very common in this Vancouver climate.

  • Challenges

    Major Challenges during the project included:

    1. Replacing skylight
    2. Wood rot in plywood and fascia
    3. Mildew throughout attic area
    4. Mold growth presenting a health hazard
  • Solutions

    Although the skylight was difficult to install due to the awkward slope and unique shape, we were able to custom fit the install safely and securely.

    To eliminate the presence of mildew and mold, the airflow issue was resolved with the installation of:

    1. Air In-take Vents
    2. Ridge Vents
    3. New soffits