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Gutter Maintenance

Understandably, most property owners don’t give too much thought to gutters. It’s easy to assume they are doing the job they were designed for, which is to divert water away from the property. Unfortunately, without regular maintenance, debris can build up and block the flow of water which can then cause water to pour down the side of your house, enter rooms through window frames, or seep down next to your foundation to flood the basement.

Tymey Roofing makes it easy to maintain clean, effective gutters with our gutter cleaning and repair services which include: 

• Rooftop debris removal
• Gutter and downspout cleaning<
• Gutter guard installation
• Gutter seam repair
• Gutter hanger replacement
• Gutter replacement

Whatever It Takes

Gutter maintenance is more than clearing out a few dead leaves. Our gutter maintenance team will ensure that your gutters and downspouts are free of obstruction and that water goes where it should, without leaking through seams or puddling in the bottom of a gutter insufficiently angled for drainage. We will replace gutter hangers that are no longer doing the job or install new hangers as needed.

Your home is your biggest investment. Tymey Roofing can help you protect it with our preventative maintenance and repair services. 

No Mess, No Fuss

Tymey Roofing will properly dispose of all materials removed from your gutters and promise to leave your yard the way we found it.

When to call us

Your roof is over 15 years or older

You may not need a new roof at 15 years, but it's a good time to start monitoring it's health. At the 15 year mark if you haven't performed any maintenance on your roof it's a good idea to have us inspect for any potential issues and estimate remaining lifespan.

You are developing moss on your roof

Moss starts as a thin green layer on and between shingles, but then it proceeds to lift those shingles up as it grows, allowing water to seep underneath. Hello, wood rot and leaks. Left untreated, the clumpy greenery can cause virtually any roofing material to degrade any type of roof.

As part of our maintenance service we will clear your roof and inspect for further potential issues.

You've discovered a leak, missing shingles or mold in your attic

At this point, water has already penetrated the underlying moisture barrier or will proceed to do so very soon. This issue needs to be addressed immediately as potential wood rot would be inevitable. Our team will be able to identify solutions based on the severity of the situation.

Your gutters need replacement or maintenance

Gutters and downspouts are the unsung hero of your home. When properly functioning, they go a long way toward protecting against rain, the natural enemy of any manmade structure.

- If you notice your gutters cracking or sagging
- Paint is peeling on the outside of your house
- You have wood rot around windows and ledges
- There is discolouration on the walls of the house
- If you notice your gutters cracking or sagging

At this point depending on the severity of the problem, you may need a gutter replacement or maybe just a gutter guard can be retrofitted.

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Roof & Gutter replacements, repairs and service.

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Labour & Materials Warranty

Because a roofing project is such a costly undertaking, we give you peace of mind.

Our manufacturer's roofing systems come with varying lifetime warranties for up to 50 years for manufacturing defects. To ensure you are completely satisfied, we will address any irregularities or issues you encounter.

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