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Our Process

A properly installed gutter system is key to preventing potential water damage to your home. Gutters collect rainwater from the roof and divert water away from your home’s foundation. An inch of rain can contain up to 7,480 litres and can cause structural damage if it is permitted to settle near your foundation. For this reason, it’s crucial to call a gutter expert if you notice rainwater flowing over the side of your roof or see that your gutter system isn’t draining properly. .

At Tymey Roofing, we want to ensure that your gutter system will protect your home. Our gutter experts can identify problems and recommend replacement solutions that will work for your home. The right gutter system installed by our trained gutter experts will improve the structural integrity and value of your home. .

Plan Out the Project

Before we begin the installation process, we first inspect your home and sketch it out, including all measurements we’ll need to install the guttering system. During the initial inspection, we’ll determine if your soffit and fascia have rotting or damaged sections that need to be replaced. The soffit, fascia, and gutters work together to complete the look of your home and provide vital protection.

During the inspection and prior to making project recommendations, we take into consideration:

  • Shape of your home: Is your home a simple rectangle, or does it have a lot of odd bends and corners? This will impact the materials used and how much of it.

  • Access:Based on the layout of your home and landscaping we will determine the best way to access the gutters.

  • Materials: The material and type of gutters that will be installed will depend on a number of factors including average rainfall and whether you are located close to the ocean.

  • Soffits: The part where the roof meetings the siding. Soffits allow rain and snow to be diverted away from your home, protecting the siding, and also helps regulate the temperature in your home.

  • Fascia: This is the board that runs along the underside of the eaves; the gutters sit on top of this decorative piece of wood. Fascia brackets will be installed to help hold up the gutters. 

  • Location of Your Downspouts: Downspouts allow water to flow away from your home and should ideally be located in inconspicuous areas of your home where they are less visible.

  • Size of Your Downspouts: Although two by three inch downspouts are industry standard, gutters that drain large areas of your roof will need oversized downspouts that are three by four inches wide.

  • The Slope of Your Gutters: Gutters are sloped to prevent water from accumulating inside. We will determine the appropriate slope and adjust this as required during the installation process.

  • Need for Roof Hanger Mounting Straps: If your roof doesn’t have fascia boards or they’re not vertical, we use roof hanger mounting straps to secure gutters.

Prepare Gutters

Once we understand your home’s gutter needs, we prepare your guttering system on-site to ensure accurate measurements. Tymey Roofing offers seamless gutter installation. Other companies may use sectional gutters, but the seams that join these pre-formed gutter sections together are more susceptible to leaks and damage.

We use a machine so we can make it as long as necessary without any seams. We form our gutters into the K-style shape. This style holds more water than rounded gutters and is also stronger and less likely to bend when impacted by force.

  • Install Outlets for the Downspouts

    After the gutters are prepared we add the outlets before attaching the gutters to your home. We do this by cutting holes in the gutters and adding the outlets for the downspouts that will be attached later. Performing this step on the ground rather than from a ladder reduces the risk of injury to our employees.

  • Hang the Gutters

    Using hidden hangers, we attach the gutters to the fascia boards of your home. These hangers are made using strong material and are designed to withstand any type of weather and the weight of everything the gutter collects without breaking off your house. As your gutters are hung, we also ensure they have the correct slope.


Install the Downspouts

The final step we take is to install the downspouts to the outlets previously attached to your gutters. The downspouts are then secured to your home using brackets, so they stay in place.


Professional Roofing Service

We want to ensure our customers that everything we do is in the best interest of the customer as we live by our commitment to workmanship and integrity. The best judge of customer experience are those customers that came before them.

When to call us

Your roof is over 15 years or older

You may not need a new roof at 15 years, but it's a good time to start monitoring it's health. At the 15 year mark if you haven't performed any maintenance on your roof it's a good idea to have us inspect for any potential issues and estimate remaining lifespan.

You are developing moss on your roof

Moss starts as a thin green layer on and between shingles, but then it proceeds to lift those shingles up as it grows, allowing water to seep underneath. Hello, wood rot and leaks. Left untreated, the clumpy greenery can cause virtually any roofing material to degrade any type of roof.

As part of our maintenance service we will clear your roof and inspect for further potential issues.

You've discovered a leak, missing shingles or mold in your attic

At this point, water has already penetrated the underlying moisture barrier or will proceed to do so very soon. This issue needs to be addressed immediately as potential wood rot would be inevitable. Our team will be able to identify solutions based on the severity of the situation.

Your gutters need replacement or maintenance

Gutters and downspouts are the unsung hero of your home. When properly functioning, they go a long way toward protecting against rain, the natural enemy of any manmade structure.

- If you notice your gutters cracking or sagging
- Paint is peeling on the outside of your house
- You have wood rot around windows and ledges
- There is discolouration on the walls of the house
- If you notice your gutters cracking or sagging

At this point depending on the severity of the problem, you may need a gutter replacement or maybe just a gutter guard can be retrofitted.

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Roof & Gutter replacements, repairs and service.

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Labour & Materials Warranty

Because a roofing project is such a costly undertaking, we give you peace of mind.

Our manufacturer's roofing systems come with varying lifetime warranties for up to 50 years for manufacturing defects. To ensure you are completely satisfied, we will address any irregularities or issues you encounter.

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